Do You Offer Fake HIV Results?

We do not offer resources on how to fake an HIV test here at Fake STD!

First off, it may be illegal to expose someone to HIV without their consent. Deceiving a partner about one's HIV status may also be illegal.

While we support the ability to have fun and prank people with other less harmful fake STD results, we do not believe that joking about HIV status is responsible (and we do not want to help people commit a crime!).

You may not use any of our resources to create a fake HIV test.

We do offer resources to learn more about HIV and we also offer resources in order to find and take a real HIV test.

Remember, only use our fake tests joke purposes! Never pretend that your test results are real, and never use them to deceive anyone for dating or sexual purposes! That’s incredibly dangerous and irresponsible, and quite possibly illegal depending on where you live. Prank responsibly!